Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Major Award

One of my four "official" followers (of which I am one--you do the math) gave me this lovely award. I had no idea my blog was so lovely. Thanks, Bookworm!

So the rules are that I am supposed to post this picture (right) and then award the same award (awarding an award, because what else would you do with it?) to my favorite blogs to read. So, I pick these ones:

Practical Princess
It started as a project for an online journalism class, but Erika, the Practical Princess herself, has turned this little blog into one of my favorite ways to spend five minutes. Full of money-saving tips, beautiful photographs and interesting fashion stories without being "fashion blog-y," Practical Princess hits the spot.

The Daily Nail
365 days, 365 nail designs. I don't know where this girl finds the time, but she paints her nails every day, and not just one color, either. They're actual designs, sometimes extremely intricate, sometimes beautiful, always interesting and amazing. My favorite was the bacon nails a couple months back. And catchy blog title, too, no?

ma vie à l'étranger
French for "my life abroad," this blog was posted by an American college student studying in France (duh). She's back in the states now (I know, because I've seen her on campus; we know each other), but her archives make some interesting reading.

Postcards From...
As of this second, the title of the blog is "Postcards from a Winter Wonderland," but it has been "Postcards from Morning," "Postcards from Spring," and a couple of others. The content of this one is similar to mine in that it doesn't have a real theme. It's thoughts and musings and likes of the moment, often including a video and a few pictures, and always fun.


Practical Princess said...

Oh thank you Rhonda! You are too sweet!

VABookworm87 said...

lol Perhaps it'll help draw some new readers in your direction :o) And frankly, the fact that your Twitter status in your left sidebar is a line from Pride and Prejudice makes you a permanent winner in my book lol