Tuesday, September 29, 2009

School and Such

Classes have been in session for a week now, and I've gotta say: kinda easy. I mean, seriously. I could teach these classes. And they're so boring. I doze off like five minutes in. I'm not even learning anything. I hate Shakespeare, I hate screenwriting, and, let's face it, learning how to be a Writing Center tutor is pretty pointless. (You may choose whether or not to take me seriously.)

I also have a new guilty pleasure: LOL Cats. I like the ones with real people, though. I even made a few.
Don't worry. This doesn't cut in to my TV watching time. I watched my latest Netflix selection, disc 2 of the Complete Series DVD of My So-Called Life, this afternoon. I really wish that those plaid flannel empire waist dresses would come back in style. They look so comfy. And what's Jared Leto up to these days? I mean, besides his band's song being in Rock Band, because whose isn't?

Today is Tuesday, and I don't have any regular Tuesday shows, so maybe I'll read Twelfth Night for the 80 millionth time.