Sunday, July 30, 2006

12th Street Books

The smell of aged paper
Like dust, but sweet
The scent of memory

The cloth on the spines
Red or green or blue, now faded
The crumbling bindings

The sound of old music
-Is it Mozart, or Vivaldi?-
And sneakers on the hollow wood floor

The ghosts that dwell here never lived
Except in the dreams of their creators
And minds of their readers

This is the place
Where Imagination
Becomes real

Unscented Perfume

So, here's the deal. I really do believe that it's God's grace that saves us. I have to believe that because it's impossible to be saved by works, to earn our salvation. How can we do His will without His blessing? How can we obey His command without His Spirit? I have to believe that it's grace that saves, that sets us free, because if it's not, then I'm not free. My belief in God is as much out of necessity as conviction. But really, whose intuition will tell them anything but that they have to work for what they want? Of course, God does not grant all our desires; He changes them. I know that I needed to know that I believed in grace before I could speak of it to other people. I know that I have a choice in my belief, but who would choose death over life, eternal bondage over eternal freedom? And if I love God only because He loves me, there's nothing wrong with that, because I couldn't love Him at all if it weren't for His love, which is by His grace. I am as much His by His right as by my choice. Nothing I have is my own, but I rejoice that, though I am unworthy, His love gives me all that I need. After all, it wouldn't be grace if we deserved it.

My first blog

To all my readers:
I am a Christian, a student, a library page and an aspiring writer. Some topics I write on are God, my classes at school, literature (mostly random thoughts on stuff I've read, but some legit), music and my future goals, which I haven't exactly figures out yet. Any fiction I write is open to suggestions, especially as I serialize stories and need to think of what will happen next. I hope you enjoy Watts Up with Rhonda.