Thursday, March 05, 2009

Random Updates

So, it's been awhile since I posted anything. I'm not feeling particularly creative at the moment, but I do have three topics of interest, completely unrelated to one another, that I will address.

(1) I've been listening to
No Line on the Horizon pretty much nonstop since my C
D copy came yesterday. I wanted it in CD format because I want to stick it to iTunes, and I'm kind of an old-fashioned girl. My favorite songs right now are "Magnificent" and "Unknown Caller." "Magnificent" has an awesome bass line, comparable to any from War (which has the best bass lines: "New Year's Day," "Sunday Bloody Sunday," etc.), in my opinion. And that guitar solo on "Unknown Caller"? There are no words.

(2) I wrote a sonnet for an assignment in my poetry class. The
point of the assignment was to show us how hard it is to write iambic pentameter, or some such nonsense. Not to brag or anything, but I got a perfect score. Here it is:

I need the consolation of poetry,
For when I am distressed I lack the words

To render true my sensibility;

My efforts at such times effect absurd.

Though I do often wonder whether art

Is more disposed to famish than to feed

That growing flow'r of goodness in the heart

That drinks its fill of words, so lacks the need.

And when my mind cannot attune the two,

This virtue and this creativity,

I cannot help but wonder what I'd do

If either quality belonged to me!

But when the two are joined, a wonder's wrought,

For then a poem is born, the bloom long-sought.

(3) I have another article being printed in the Ellensburg Daily Record. I don't know exactly what day they're running it, but it will be before Tuesday. I'll check it every day and see. It's a story on this artist named David Garibaldi who's coming to Central to do this show where he paints six-foot portraits in just a few minutes, right there on stage. I actually got to interview him over the phone a couple days ago for the article. For any of my readers that are interested I'll try to get a copy of the paper (that'll be, what, three copies?).

Here's a link to the press release (which I also wrote) on the Daily Record's website.

This is just the press release, not the actual story.The story is much more interesting.

So that's the biggest news in my life right now. Until next time, over.


Keith said...

When I saw the album cover I was hoping to hear your thoughts on the lyrics from track 3, "Moment of Surrender."

And I quote, "I was punching in the numbers at the ATM machine"

Don't tell me you didn't throw a little fit the first time you heard that.

As to posting your article... Were you paid by the paper to write it? If not, then you own it and can do with it what you want. It might be that you can do so even if they did pay you. I'm not positive on that, but for sure if they didn't then it is your intellectual property and you can do with it as you please.

Rhonda said...

You were hoping to HEAR my thoughts? I guess I could record an MP3 and post it, or I could just call you on the phone.

But if you don't mind just reading my thoughts (in print, not in a telepathy kind of way), yes, I did notice the redundancy, and, yes, I found it quite amusing.

There are several examples of nonstandard English usage on this album, in fact. For example, in the liner notes for "Get on Your Boots," the second line reads, "Winds BLOWS with a twist," which, as you know, is a subject-verb agreement error. In the recording of the song, though, the lyric is sung "Winds BLOW with a twist," so I can let it slide.

Over all, I can forgive such incorrectness in popular music lyrics, since it is a form of creative writing, rather than technical or academic writing.